Talking about Homemade Movement(Two)

The global president of Sylvain Dolla, best sale replica watches Hamilton says:”What you saw were all for our customers,we didn’t develop new movement to be indivual;we want a movement which the power-reserved could last for about one week.It is a simple wish for customers,then we make it via Hamilton.””same as JazzmasterSkeleton Watch-we want a watch under 1,000Euro.but the movement cannot reach it.So we developed it ourselves.It was a huge number for us.We used ETA and it’s industry background.”名家细谈手表自产机芯  (点击图片翻页)
The founder of Eric Loth,Graham SA says:”As long as Swiss have independent movement manufacturers, they represent Graham which was the best choice for this kind of independent brand, with complete production capacity meet the requirements of the particular project.Because of it can use a variety of production resources, Graham was able to achieve Orrey Planetarium tourbillon, Silverstone RS Skeleton or ambitious machine core concept such as Endurance time clock.”
The CEO of Serge Michel,Armin Strom says:”For us, making our own movement is the core task, that is why we always displayed part of the movement to show the aesthetic feeling of art and design and the enthusiasm of the mechanical watchmaking.We are always be challenged, but started to design a new machine full of enthusiastic,and constantly reinvent fake watches ourselves.One example is a miniature automatic movement.It is the first time we design the tourbillon Calibre ATC11 movement after a natural next step, this masterpiece is a manual chain movement.We found that it can use the micro rotor instead of the double wheel, so it can make most of the movement and its grain and hand carved.”名家细谈手表自产机芯  (点击图片翻页)

The president of Manuel Emch,Romain Jerome says:”I think it still has room to provide production machine company, because for any brands, this is a great investment.Movement suppliers have professional knowledge, experience and ability to a certain brand suitable for manufacturing of high-end movement.In addition to note, it is for each company that the manual of outsourcing to professional technician is normal, does this mean that movement suppliers should be considered and experienced craftsmen, or should be treated differently?Through the brightness is very important to any company’s future.Today, everyone can easily get information replica rolex from magazines, the Internet, blog or social networking platform.We need to contact terminal customers to develop a building in a transparent world.”