Bremont-Royal Agents’ Secret Weapon

Bremont cooperated with the famous director replica rolex Matthew Vaughn’s new work Kingsman: “The Secret Service” to publish the series of Kingsman, there will be three latest models appear in the film which will be issued by 20th Century Fox,it will be released on Feb,2015.The actors including Colin Firth、Samuel L. Jackson、Michael Caine and the hot new star Taron Egerton.All the super confidentialagents from British spy organization and Nick English,one of the founder of Bermont included all wear the special-made wrist.BREMONT宝名表-皇家特工的秘密武器  (点击图片翻页)
In the film,every Kingsman wears the World Timer with rose gold and crocodile strap,and the interns wear mysterious black timer watch with NATO nylon strap.Mark Strong plays the role of agent trainer Merlin,he wears the model of stainless steel of Kingsman.Merlin’s duty is to reinventing Taron Egerton who was a bad rebellious youth  roundup by Kingsman to beat the cocky criminal Valentine who is played by Samuel L. best sale replica watches Jackson.Bermont’s Kingsman watch plays an important role in the film and will be the secret agents’ indispensable tool.
Bermont Kingsman watches has been in sale in MR PORTER.COM whic is Bermont’s offical sale site in Jan,2015.There will also many other British high grade brand appear in the film.The director of “The Secret Service” said:Royal Agent is full of British sense,It is natural fit to cooperate with Bermont.
Except making exquisite mechanical watch,it also cooperate with military force in the world,it is perfect watch for mordern spy agents.Agents must wear pratical watches.I believe through wrist watch and shoes could know more about a person.To be a gentleman before to be a member of Kingsman,and Bermont watch is made for modern gentelman.BREMONT宝名表-皇家特工的秘密武器  (点击图片翻页)
Bremont is origin from our dream that to make a perfect watch for pilot.We have stong interests in old plane,watch and all mechanical made.Each watch needs to be checked over and over again(not only in the factory)to make sure the no one could compared accuracy and consistency.Our watch produced limitted,but it
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We hope to could feel satisfy as we do while wearing Bremont.