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Tom Brady And John Mayer Buy The First Top AAA Replica Rolex Emoji Watches UK From Family-owned Independents

Two of the first known owners of 2023 perfect Rolex “Emoji” Day-Date replica watches have been revealed as super-collector celebrities, musician John Mayer and American Football legend Tom Brady.

Both have broken cover in the past week, and both bought the impossibly rare puzzle-dialled luxury UK Rolex fake watches at family-owned Californian authorised Rolex dealers.

GQ’s USA edition first reported Mr Mayer’s purchase Swiss movements Rolex super clone watches from Fourtané Jewelers, a small independent based in the picturesque millionaires’ playground village of Carmel-by-the-Sea last week.

Fourtané has also been in the news this month for hiring Russell Kelly, formerly chief commercial officer for Hodinkee, where Mr Mayer is an investor.

According to GQ, Mr Kelly and Mr Mayer discussed the showstopping cheap replica Rolex watches soon after its launch at Watches and Wonders in the spring.

Soon after his move to Fourtané, which is run by second-generation owner Josh Bonifas, Rolex allocated one of the first of the puzzle best Rolex copy watches anywhere in the world to the retailer, and Mr Mayer got the call that he could have it.

Perhaps Rolex is working its way from West to East, because a second Emoji Rolex replica watches for sale appeared just a few days later with Polacheck, based in Calabasas, a wealthy enclave of Greater Los Angeles, with arguably America’s second biggest celebrity watch collector Tom Brady getting the nod.

Mr Brady is also an investor in Hodinkee.

Polacheck’s fourth-generation owner, Brent Polacheck, shared on his Instagram that Mr Brady was in competition with his son for the rare Rolex fake watches wholesale.

Mr Brady, the GOAT of gridiron with seven Superbowl championships to his name, won again and walked away with the prized piece.

“Special watch for a very SPECIAL guy!! TB had to pry this off of my son Kase’s wrist. There is nothing better than a family business @polachecksjewelers . Thanks @tombrady for our friendship all these years. Thank you @rolex for giving me the opportunity to deliver this to my friend. Hard work pays off,” Mr Polacheck posted on his social media feed with a picture of his son and Mr Brady together.

Former Feyenoord Footballer Michiel Kramer Sells His Best Replica Rolex Watches US For His Own Safety

This is a situation that is getting sadder by the day. Former forward of Feyenoord, Michiel Kramer, did not sell his AAA Swiss made Rolex Day-Date replica watches because he thought he might get randomly robbed on the street. No, he did so because one of the convicted members of the so-called Rolexgang (who is currently serving a one-year prison sentence for robbery) confessed that Kramer was on their list. They were already tracking Kramer’s movements with a plan to rob him of his online fake watches shop. It was the certainty that he would get robbed that pushed him to sell — for Kramer it was not a “what if?” It was a “when?”

Footballer Michiel Kramer was not the only target, many other local celebrities are also on the radar of these Rolexgangs (you read that right, there is sadly not just one). In some cases, their attempts go horribly wrong. The list of victims includes a Dutch singer, a well-known person in the Amsterdam hospitality and catering business, one of the former wives of footballer Ruud Gullit, and many others. These people have been robbed, often violently, of their 1:1 cheap fake Rolex watches, often leaving them not just physically hurt, but also psychologically scarred, and understandably so.

Sad times for the 2017 champion

In the local newspapers last week, a number of articles were published regarding Michiel Kramer’s “champions watch”. They discussed the fact that he sold it a few months ago for safety reasons. The wholesale replica watches with Swiss movements is a rather special US luxury replica Rolex watches, in the sense that it was personalized for the 2017 Feyenoord team players. Feyenoord became the national Dutch champion in 2017. Its players were awarded copy Rolex Day-Date watches for sale with a personalized dial and an engraved case back to commemorate their success. In his case, the dial has the initials “MK” positioned next to the 9 o’clock hour marker. And on the case back it says: “Kampioen van Nederland 2016 – 2017 Eredivisie”, which refers to the team’s victory in that season of the Dutch premier league.

It is a sad enough thing that someone must feel forced to sell his perfect replica watches. But especially when it comes to super clone watches for men that certainly held a lot of sentimental value. Michiel Kramer stated that he feels unsafe during his testimony in the trial for another robbery case. The victim here was former footballer Rene van der Gijp (a.o. PSV and the Dutch national team).  Van der Gijp gave his account of how the robbers were waiting for him to come home. When he drove up to his house, they attempted to smash his car’s windows with hammers. All this to try and rob him of his AAA top fake watches and other valuables. He was, fortunately, able to get away but experienced some very scary and traumatizing moments. It also made Kramer realize that he doesn’t want to jeopardize his and his family’s safety over 1:1 Swiss replica watches.

Sold to the highest bidder

The champions luxury replica watches of Michiel Kramer is now up for sale on the Burger watches website. It is listed at a whopping asking price of €51,000. It’s a 40mm best quality fake Rolex Day-Date reference 228235watches in Everose gold with a brown dial and a President bracelet. It has Rolex caliber 3255 inside and comes with all the boxes and paperwork. You can find the Swiss movements knockoff watches offered here.

Reading stories like this makes me feel both truly disgusted, by the actions of the criminals in the so-called Rolexgangs, but also broken-hearted. Not only for Kramer or anyone else who feels as though they have to get rid of a prized possession for their own safety but also for all other high quality replica watches collectors and enthusiasts. Nobody should have to feel unsafe in this way. It is a real shame that things are getting to a point where those of us who share this passion for fake watches store wholesale feel as though we have a target on our back.