Patek Philippe Regress the Basic Versions

Patek philippe keep talking about the topic replica watches of derivative development of CH 29-535 timing movement before a few years, and it represents a new milestone of homemade timing movement by Ref. 2012, 5204p calendar double chase after injection timing function that it formally came to an end.This year Patek philippe took number of new models, the most topic should belong to Gondolo Ref. 5200 chain watch date week 8 which pass from 2000 Ref. The Ref 5100 10-chain rectangle wrist watch,it adds utility functions such longitudinal device is also change with Silinvar ®silicone material;As for Calatrava range of Ref. 5227, classical officers watchcase design shows more harmony line which is the main men’s sales item for this year.Female watch takes complex function of Ref. 7121 female table small needle three phases of the moon, and simple style of Ref. 7200.
Observed the King of watch this year, it is not difficult to find that it is a little dull and no surprising with high complex work,however, because it will be patek philippe entering the 175th anniversary of the factory of 2014, it can be seen the wonderful degree;In addition, facing of the global boom is not very optimistic, basic version could help sales to the stable replica rolex development.详说百达翡丽回归基本款  (点击图片翻页)
Published in 2000, Ref.5100 powered by 28-20/220 movement is patek philippe since movement was launched in 1934,spanning more than 60 years since the new rectangle movement, super long lasting 10 chain is one of the biggest selling point;However, 28-20 assembly by the movement wrist watch, whether it is the most original Ref. 5100, or add the tourbillon device Ref. 5101 is a non-standard production of limited edition which can sniff out patek philippe for this movement, or say conservative attitude of rectangle complex wrist watch.28-20 system movement the development of a stop is 10 years later (20/222 from 28 in 2003-10, the tourbillon movement then no new 28-20 movement), best sale replica watches until this year new 28-20 REC eight PS IRM CJ.