Glashutte Promotes Spirit of Exploring to Launch New Representative Observation Watch

In 2015,Glashutte Original promotes its fake watches spirit of exploring once again to launch new model of representative observation watch.This excellent watch wakes up the uncharted oceans’ fantasy history.Saxony’s workship takes luminous element on the dial in order to let users could read time without lights:elegant platinum hand hour,Arabic Numbers in bold and polished with green luminous materials on the hour markers,this materials could absorb light in daytime and shine in the night.The indicator at the place of 9 o’clock,markers circle and power-reserved equipment are all could shine in night.格拉苏蒂发扬探索精神 推出新款议员观测表  (点击图片翻页)
Source of inspiration:Julius Assmann might be the world’s best observation watch maker who established a workshop is also good at making brilliant handmade chrono watches.Julius Assmann’s observation watch is accuracy and reliable expecially under the bad weather so it is the indispensable tool for naval officer,pilots and expedition pioneers.For instance,Norwegian explorer Roald amundsen wore several observation watches while exploring the South Pole,one best sale replica watches of the them was a pocket watch made by Julius Assmann’s workshop.
Glashutte Original matches a strong heart for the representative observation watch:Calibre 100-14 automatic,with outstanding craft,its power-reserved could lasts 55 hours.Even though traditional watches are all takes automatic movement,representative observation watch specially takes modern automatic movement to reach maximize confort for wearers.Therefore,Glashutte Original set “Ab Auf”on the dial to display power-reserved and not only tell the local time at present.With the aid of sapphire bottom cover, using technology to build the Calibre of 100-14 automatic chain machine can take in everything in a glance. The characteristics of the movement is adopted with columnar decorative case he three-quarters splint, socket screws, gold, and the 21 k gold weight of hollow out automatic tuo, which he says is decorated with her original high-end mechanical watch gold-plated double replica cartier G logo.