Blue Sky Two New Models of Emile Chouriet Promoting

We found many new watches in best sale replica watches Barselworld 2015 for this year,we found that many brand not only innovated the watches on technique but also on the color,azure will definitely the most inportant color this year,today we will introduce you two models watches.

Emile Chouriet wings of time series 60.1156.G.4.97.9 watch :

Watch Series:Wings of time

Movement: automatic


Strao Material:Silk belt

Case Diameter:35.5mm



By the wand of “flying wing” complete brand to deduce out the wing of the “time” series.Amy dragon designers with its sharp eyes, capture the human thirst for traveling and dream, with very good technology, straightforward lines, the dream of human need to fly freely in time and area, the implementation on a do not artistic gliding joint watch, ancient European aristocrats assume the leader flowed in itself, is that the image of a noble and pure, however additionally the representative of knowledge.Amy dragon with wings of your time series of leader noble gliding joint inheritance and interpretation of pure origin of Swiss shaper.Blue dial with blue yun to require photograph echo, twelve natural diamond twinkle, meanwhile, mysterious and fake watches not previous, charming however not demon yan, elegant and irresistible.

Emile Chouriet challenger series 08.1169.G.6.AW.98.6 Watch

Watch Series:challenger series

Movement: automatic



Case Diameter:42mm


In 2014, Swiss people Amy dragon with success developed the complete within the initial paragraph within the deep ocean diving watches for the movement of the construct of radiocarpal joint watch.Challenger Deep is that the deepest a part of the mariana trench, the Pacific Ocean concerning 10916 meters Deep, is additionally the deepest ocean and also the surface of the deepest components of the planet.The depth of the pressure is 1100 times of water level pressure.As the name, morality, and it’s a diving movement of the construct of radiocarpal joint watch.The radiocarpal joint watch is completely different from alternative diverse watch style is elliptical, resolute in highlight is decorous, reveal today men elegant perspective and rigid-flexible economic means of life.Stainless steel case with ceramic or chrome steel edge, unidirectional spiral revolution table circle wont to implement the temporal order and twin perform.Both complete DNA “time airfoil” table style, agile and simple, channelize a virile sports beauty and powerful masculine spirit;And crown that luxury fake watches casual red clever, jumping, motor performance and business temperament and Amy dragon table with delicate complement one another.